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Best in Class Telephony Software for OEMs and Developers

Nine-9s has many years of experience in the voice signaling and datacom portable software industry, from both a user's and a supplier's perspective. We have put this experience to work for you by evaluating and selecting the best-of-breed software suppliers. This software is targeted toward companies who are building products and want to use a protocol stack, framework, API or similar software to help develop their product.

Agora Laboratories

A premier provider of H.323 software and codecs. Agora has its roots in elemedia / Bell Labs / Lucent and supplies elemedia® products as well as Agora Labs products. The engineers who founded Agora Labs came from Lucent's Bell Labs, and include the original designers of the protocol stack and codecs. Agora Labs provides its protocol stack in "C" and "C++" source code, and its Codecs as pre-compiled, binary modules. The elemedia product line was originally developed by Lucent Technologies'® Bell Labs'® elemedia venture.